The tsunami of enthusiastic response to Huntly's Paper Warplanes, in the few weeks since our launch, has completely taken us by storm! Orders continue to pour in, and we have been totally swamped. Our entire inventory has been exhausted in just six weeks and we have had to place crash reorders on our suppliers! Our most optimistic projections have been exceeded by a huge margin, frankly catching us off guard! We take some pride in shipping within 2-3 business days, at most, but, at this time, have to request the forebearance of the Huntly's Paper Warplanes community as shipments will be delayed by 7-10 days while we restock. This unexpected delay is most embarassing. Do please bear with us for these few days delay - we promise it will be worth the wait.

Huntly's planes are works of art, the result of pure passion and dedication. As a result, the business, too, is more about passion than business. We are a small team, doing everything ourselves, by hand, and our biggest source of pride is that, for us, our customers are individuals, whom we communicate with on first name terms. We are not a mass producer. And wow! How the Community is repaying our love and care!

Thank you, Community, thank you!